• As an education provider, Western Sydney University International College (WSUIC) is required to collect, store, disseminate and otherwise use personal information relating to staff, students and other stakeholders.


  • As a member of the Navitas Group, WSUIC adheres to and implements the Navitas Privacy Policy.
  • The Navitas Privacy Policy applies to all WSUIC employees, students, contractors, suppliers, affiliates, agents, volunteers and associates.

Policy Statement

The provisions of the Navitas Privacy Policy are available on the Navitas website’s Privacy Notice page with the link provided below.


Quality and Compliance

  • Navitas Limited reserves the right to make changes periodically to the Privacy Policy at their sole discretion. Changes to the Privacy Policy will be posted on the Navitas website’s Privacy Notice page.
  • This policy will be available on the WSUIC website for students and staff.
  • Emails will be issued to all staff to inform and update them on any changes to the policy.
  • New staff will receive policy information during the induction process.

Related Policies, Procedures, Guidelines and Legislation

Approval and Amendment History

Approval Authority: Western Sydney University International College Board of Directors
Policy Owners: College Director & Principal/Executive Team
Approval Date: 3 May 2019
Date for Next Review: 3 May 2021


Revision Date Version Summary of changes
1/11/2016 1 New Policy Developed
21/11/2016 1.1 Moved Relevant Legislation section to Appendix A as per the format of other policy documents; updated Policy statement to be more robust; added definitions for Personal Information, Privacy Act and Sensitive Information; added links to legislation is Clause 12.
23/03/2018 2.0 Complete re-write of policy to provide additional information and expand on policy requirements. Inclusion of reference to mandatory data breach reporting as per recent amendment to the Privacy Act 1988. Inclusion of reference to Privacy Management Plan and relevant legislation.
03/05/2019 3.0 Revised to state that WSUIC adheres to the Navitas Global Privacy which can be accessed on the Navitas website: https://www.navitas.com/privacy_policy

The Navitas Global Privacy Policy was revised to protect the company (and its colleges/entities) from policy variations that could result in heavy financial penalties. The global policy also ensures the following:

  • Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in UK/EU
  • Comprehensive explanation of the legal basis for processing personal data
  • Detailed explanation of a person’s rights over their personal data

Included Appendix A – copy of the Navitas Privacy Policy as shown in its Privacy Notification page on the Navitas global website.